Top Starred (on GitHub)

List Updated 27 May 2021

Listed below are themes featured on with at least 200 stars on GitHub.

Theme Description
1 Coder 1481 A simple and clean blog theme for Hugo
2 PaperMod 1461 A fast, clean, responsive Hugo theme
3 Even 1438 A super concise theme for Hugo
4 Academic 1321 Use the website builder to easily build your site with 50+ widgets and deploy with one click! Fully customize your site with themes, plugins, and language packs.
5 Book 1216 Hugo documentation theme as simple as plain book
6 Learn 1197 Documentation theme for Hugo, based on Grav Learn theme
7 Docsy 1175 A Hugo theme for technical documentation sites
8 LoveIt 1158 A Clean, Elegant but Advanced Hugo Theme for Hugo.
9 hello-friend-ng 947 A simple theme for Hugo. That's it.
10 terminal 890 A simple, retro theme for Hugo.
11 Stack 869 Card-style Hugo theme designed for bloggers
12 Beautiful Hugo 828 An adaptation of the Beautiful Jekyll theme
13 Hermit 812 A minimal and fast hugo theme for bloggers.
14 Tranquilpeak 707 A gorgeous responsive theme for Hugo blog framework
15 Jane 684 A readable theme for Hugo
16 hello-friend 628 A simple theme for Hugo. That's it.
17 Ananke Gohugo Theme 600 A Base theme for building full featured Hugo sites
18 Paper 586 A simple, clean, flexible Hugo theme
19 Mainroad 534 Mainroad is a responsive, clean and content-focused Hugo theme.
20 MemE 500 MemE is a powerful and highly customizable GoHugo theme for personal blogs.
21 Zzo 498 Hugo blog theme with rich features.
22 DocuAPI 497 Beautiful documentation for your API.
23 Universal 478 A port of the Universal theme
24 Introduction 468 Minimal, single page, smooth scrolling theme for Hugo.
25 Minimo 460 Minimalist theme for Hugo
26 Hyde 447 An elegant open source and mobile first theme
27 Doks 411 Hugo theme helping you build modern documentation websites that are secure, fast, and SEO-ready — by default.
28 reveal-hugo 399
29 mini 387 A fast, minimalist and responsive hugo theme for bloggers.
30 LeaveIt 359 A simple, clean blog theme for hugo.
31 XMin 359 eXtremely Minimal Hugo theme: about 150 lines of code in total, including HTML and CSS
32 Kube Hugo 355 Kube is a professional and a responsive Hugo theme for developers and designers that offers a documentation section mixed with a landing page and a blog.
33 Minimal 342 Personal blog theme powered by Hugo
34 Hugo Fresh 328 A Hugo adaptation of the Fresh theme from CSS Ninja
35 Eureka 328 Eureka is a feature-rich and highly customizable Hugo theme.
36 Call me Sam. 324 Simple And Minimalist theme for Hugo.
37 Toha 321 A simple hugo theme for personal portfolio
38 Creative portfolio 317 Port of the creative portfolio theme
39 Hugo Future Imperfect 309 Ported theme of HTML5 UP, future imperfect, with some extra goodies
40 Clean White 298 A clean, elegant blog theme for hugo
41 Anatole 289 Anatole is a beautiful minimalist two-column hugo theme based on farbox-theme-Anatole.
42 Ezhil 285 Clean and minimal personal blog and portfolio theme.
43 Blackburn 281 A clear, responsive theme constructed using Pure CSS from Yahoo
44 Kiss 272 Stupidly simple Hugo blogging theme
45 Meghna Hugo 271 Hugo port of the Themefisher’s Meghna Template
46 Zozo 263 A simple and beautiful theme for Hugo
47 Archie 262 Archie is a minimal and clean theme for hugo with a markdown-ish UI.
48 Notepadium 260 a fast Hugo theme, 100% JavaScript-free.
49 Hugo Future Imperfect Slim 249 Future Imperfect Theme - Slimmed Down
50 m10c 242 A minimalistic (m10c) theme for bloggers
51 Hugo Novela 241 A Hugo port of the Novela theme by Narative
52 Yinyang 239 Yinyang theme for Hugo.
53 Codex 230 A minimal blog theme for hugo
54 Orbit 225 Responsive Resume/CV Theme for Developers
55 Clarity 222 A theme based on VMware's Clarity Design System for publishing technical blogs with Hugo.
56 hyde-hyde 219 A simply cool Hyde inspired theme
57 Bilberry Hugo Theme 216 Bilberry is a premium hugo theme with a lot of nice features. It is an adaption and optimization for hugo from the Lingonberry WordPress theme by Anders Norén.
58 Airspace Hugo 213 Hugo port of the Themefisher’s Airspace theme
59 Hugo Theme Pure 211 A powerful and pure theme for hugo~enjoy~
60 Goa 210 Simple Minimalist Hugo Theme
61 Dream 202 A hugo theme named dream