Hello! I am PointyFar and I like cats. And filtering things.

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PFHT: PointyFar’s Filterable Hugo Themes lets you filter through Hugo themes by tags, license, and Hugo version.

  • NEW: (23 Sep 2018) Added sort functionality! You can now sort by:
    • Name
    • Stars
    • Update Date

  • NEW: (05 Sep 2018) Moved to Bulma!

    • Also now using Hugo Pipes
  • NEW: (03 Sep 2018) GitHub stars added!

    • Also last updated date (GitHub hosted repos only)
    • Soon (/someday): sort by stars

  • NEW: Search Bar added!
    • Tags search
    • Main search: searches the contents of the theme ‘boxes’.
      • Note: Still a WIP. Currently, if you want to use the main search box in addition to tags or the other buttons, you have to select the other buttons first then type your search term. Otherwise selecting a button clears the search box.


I wrote this project because I wanted to easily filter Hugo themes using more than a single tag at a time.


Code is hosted on github.


I git submodule-d the Hugo themes repo. A bit of gulp-ing produces data/themes.json which I then use to extract data from.


Find something broken? Do let me know by emailing me at pointyfar@gmail.com!